Industrial Material Handling Containers

Melmat Inc. offers a complete line of Material Handling Containers and Products.

Magnum Bin

Molded of FDA-Approved plastic, are a perfect fit for agriculture and food processing applications. THE MAGNUM BIN…the big, rugged one piece bin for material handling; DURABLE, VERSATILE and ECONOMICAL.

Features of the Magnum Bin

  • Beveled fork straps
  • Positive interlock strapping
  • Smooth, reinforced corners
  • Easy forklift entry

Magnum Bin Options

  • Lids
  • Colors
  • I.D. plaques
  • Drain Plug


Magnum structural foam containers outlast the alternatives.  Even after years of use, they will not warp, erode, splinter or rust.  Three-year warranty.

Easy to use

You can easily and safely load containers on a forklift or pallet jack and efficiently store them in self-supporting stacks, with or without lids.


HDPE plastic deters contaminants and easily sprays clean.  Magnum containers are impervious to extremes, water, and sunlight.  Available in FDA-approved material for food applications.

Notice the small lip inside the corner. This allows for stacking the bins so they do not slide down inside and get stuck. All bins come with this feature.

There are many great storage uses for the Magnum Bin and they stack well too.